Kansas City Ballet
Kansas City Ballet
Kansas City Ballet
Kansas City Ballet

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1. In what ways have you been involved in Kansas City Ballet? (Check all answers that apply)

2. What best represents your AREA OF INTEREST in the following Kansas City Ballet priorities?

3. Approximately how much of your charitable giving goes to Kansas City Ballet?

4. What factors are most important to you when making a gift to Kansas City Ballet? (check all that apply)

5. Tell me about your family (check all that apply)

6. Was there a family member or other person who was influential in shaping your views on dance?

7. Many people like to leave one or more gifts to charity in their estate plans. How likely would you be to include Kansas City Ballet?

8. Which ONE of these financial benefits would be most important to you if you were considering a charitable gift?

9. What is your age?

10. How do you prefer to receive information about Kansas City Ballet?

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