2024 National Tour Workshops
 Regional Cities

National Tour Workshops - Regional Cities - Dates and Locations 2024

Cairns: Friday 14 June

Shoalhaven: Tuesday 2 July

Wagga Wagga: Friday 5 July

Mandurah: Friday 19 July 

Albany: Tuesday 23 July

Karratha: Friday 26 July 

Led by Sydney Dance Company dancers, Contemporary Creative Workshops are a unique opportunity for participants to engage with Company dancers and experience how the Company creates and performs new and original movement. Participants are guided through a contemporary technique warm-up, taught a section of Sydney Dance Company repertoire and challenged with a composition task from one of our productions. Workshops are modified to suit the experience and ability of participants whilst encouraging creative thinking, improvisation and inclusivity. 

Primary School Details
Suitable for Upper Primary, Year 4-6
Participant Numbers: Up to 30 students
Delivery Fee: $285 + GST
Duration: Up to 60 minutes

Secondary School / Dance Studio / Community Group / Tertiary Institution Details
Participant Numbers: Up to 30 students
Delivery Fee: $385 + GST
Duration: Up to 90 minutes




Organisation Type*

Number of Workshops*

The role of the supervising teacher(s) is to manage student behaviour to support the Teaching Artist to deliver an effective workshop. Supervising teacher(s) may be asked to provide support or assist throughout the workshop(s).



How would you describe the participants dance experience / ability?*

To program the workshop appropriately, please provide background information about the workshop participants. For example, have the participants danced together before, are participants confident working in groups, what styles have the participants trained in (eg. ballet, jazz)?

Do any participants have accessibility needs or require additional learning support?*


Please provide parking instructions.

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Please describe the workshop venue space. For example, school hall, large carpeted classrooms.

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By providing my details I understand Sydney Dance Company may contact me in the future in regards to other relevant educational activities and programs.*

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I agree to have my details passed on to my local presenter, and that I may be contacted in regards to education programs and / or Sydney Dance Company events.*

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  • A booking is confirmed when this form has been completed and submitted to Sydney Dance Company.
  • The booking is made on behalf of the school/organisation and the school / organisation accepts liability to make the payment by the due date listed on the invoice.
  • If a teacher / organiser leaves the school / organisation it is their responsibility to inform the appropriate / replacement staff members of this booking agreement and details.
  • Any access requirements must be advised at time of booking.
  • School/organisation agrees to provide an appropriate space for the workshop (if it is taking place at the school/organisation) which is safe, warm, clean and clear of any hazards or distractions.
  • Full payment must be received by the invoice due date. 
  • Refunds are unable to be made within 4 school weeks of the workshop(s).
  • We are unable to refund schools / organisations for students who do not attend.
  • Cancellations of bookings made within 4 school weeks will result in the full invoiced amounts being payable by the school / organisation.
  • Video recording or any other form of recording during the workshop is not permitted. Photography is permitted if permission is sought and granted from Sydney Dance Company Teaching Artist.
  • School/organisation agrees to contact Sydney Dance Company if wanting to organise publicity for the workshop.
  • Student duty of care remains the responsibility of supervising teachers, a supervising teacher must be present at all time. 
  • By completing this form, you consent for Sydney Dance Company to contact you about future education experiences. You will be provided the opportunity to opt out of these e-communications.
  • Sydney Dance Company’s Terms & Conditions can be found here.