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An Introduction to Women of Email

We are thrilled to welcome Charma Parker and Skyler Holobach from Women of Email, the professional network promoting leadership among women within the email marketing industry. Join us to learn more about this exciting group and how they’re bringing more diversity and equity to email marketing.

The New Patron Journey with Capacity Interactive

We’re thrilled to have our friends at CI join us for a discussion on The New Patron Journey. Find out how to use email and social to keep your audiences tuning in to your online programming. We’ll discuss creating cohesive email and social campaigns and more.

Re-Engaging “Lost” Subscribers

Do you have subscribers who have stopped opening and clicking? You’re not alone! The inbox is a busy place. It’s easy to lose subscribers’ attention. But there is something you can do! Join this session to learn a few attention-grabbing tips and tricks. 

Five Secrets of Success

This month we catch up with Product Experience Director, Kelly Sutter. Get the inside scoop on using WordFly like a pro. Wondering if you’ve overlooked an amazing feature? Looking for a refresh? Join us and discover the five secrets every WordFlyer must know.

All About Unsubscribes

What happens when a valued subscriber clicks ‘mark as spam’? Where do unsubscribes go? Can you get them back? Do hard bounces work the same as opt-out? Can you ever email them again? Let’s get to the bottom of all your unsubscribe questions.

Re-Opening Lines

As venues around the world begin to reopen, marketers must thoughtfully execute new, complex messaging architecture. Join the discussion as we chat with Alex Davis, Marketing Manager from the High Museum in Atlanta and Katye Brought, VP of Comms at Witte Museum.

Survey Cancelled Ticket Holders

Now with Pages and the WordFly–Tessitura integration you can ask ticket holders what they would like to do with their cancelled tickets. Just send an email, create a short survey in WordFly, and all responses update back to Tessitura as a CSI. Come learn how to set it up.

Organize Your Account

The first day of spring just came and went. You didn’t notice? Huh, wonder why? Get a fresh start. If you’ve got a spare minute, why not learn how to keep your account clean and tidy. Delete old campaigns, rename, label, and organize. When your doors open, you’ll be the hero of the show!

5 Ways You Can Engage with Email Today

Email is the perfect channel for this moment. It’s private, dynamic, and full of rich design and engagement opportunities. Join this session and get a few new ideas for your next campaign.

Brush up on WordFly

We’ve made a ton of exciting updates lately. If you haven’t had time to get up to speed with our new image editor, conditional content, Pages or several other helpful features, come take a look.

Online Events, Galas, and Broadcasts

You closed your doors and sent your cancellations. Now, learn how to send automated messages for online entertainment and development opportunities.

Delivering Great Content with Email

Email is a wonderful design-centric channel for surprise and delight. Learn how you can take advantage of email to engage with your subscribers in ways other channels don’t offer.

Email Marketing Masterclass

See three case studies describing in detail how arts and culture organizations are using email to increase development, send automated reminders, and engage with audiences after a performance.

The New Email Paradigm

How do you run an engaging email program when your doors are closed, your staff is reduced, and you have no idea when this will be over? See how other organizations are making the most of this unusual time.

Kirk Bentley has 15 years of experience helping membership driven organizations create effective email marketing programs. For the next two weeks, Kirk is donating his consulting time to help organizations navigate these uncharted waters.

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